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That's right, the team at Brooklyn Museum are bringing some long dead bodies for a hospital check up. CT scans will show lots of valuable information about the remains deep beyond face value. Clues of a long ago time.

Who said conservation/museum work wasn't exciting?

This project reminded me of the ways paintings and other art works are analysed. Xrays, can see the underpaintings which otherwise one will never see. A secret of the artist? Often it is the stuff behind the surface we see that can contain astounding mounts of insight. Intent. Possibly inspiration. And bloopers.

As a radio report on the mummy scanning said, radiation exposure isn't an issue so really so much more can be told than say a scan on live human. Hopefully there'll be some pictures for us later on.

This is all happening now so see the Twitter feed downstairs, or visit #mummyCT where frequent updates of the insider scoop are being offered by @brooklynmuseum and others. I'll be making a follow up post of the implications of this project later on.

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