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Damian Seeto

There are a lot of video games out there but sadly not many people appreciate the amount of artwork and design that often goes into producing a video game. The Final Fantasy games are a prime example of this however, there was one game I thought that was more artistically beautiful than any I have ever played: that game was Okami.

Although released in 2007 nobody really took notice of this wonderful game, including myself! It was not until earlier this year that I got the opportunity to play this title. Graphically, it is unlike any other game out there. It’s more like a playing inside of a painting than anything.

However, it not only looks like a piece of art it plays like one too. Quite literally I might add. You assume the role of a Japanese God by the name of Amaterasu. She is a creator of life and players can use a tool called the Celestial Brush. This allows you to draw certain objects such as the sun to allow a bud to grow into a tree or make yourself a bridge if the path you are to take is blocked.

It was a breath of fresh air playing this game and was a truly unique experience. Even if you are not usually a gamer you will be impressed with the style and look of the game. Its Japanese ink – art at its finest. Sadly sales of the game did not meet expectations and there will be no sequel.

Damian Seeto will continue to contribute about gaming, creative practice and the thin line between the two.

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