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Today I was busing to the North Shore to hang two of my paintings for an exhibition. There were dramas to say the least: missing the bus, being lost, walking around the entire Sky Tower complex... lots of waiting for no reason.

But as a good friend texted me: "you never know who you meet on the bus" (or something like that). I was skeptical, she managed to find a relationship at the back of a Niterider (yes, 1am to 3am bus) but I usually don't talk to strangers on the bus, simply because its so temporal and seemingly a waste of energy.

Then a man came up to me and asked if that was my painting lying next to me in a rustling plastic bag. Then ensued an inspired conversation about art, the type of art we do, perception of art. It turns out he does some interesting glass work/ canvas pieces which take advantage of the shadow of shattered glass. I would love to see it and see it on the blog.

He does art as a passion, without succumbing to the widespread label of artist. He has nearly finished a law degree! I really admire those with the spirit to do creative activities in this way, and innovatively at that.

Maybe I'll talk to strangers on the bus more often.

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