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The field of science offers an array of interesting images. Things we would never see, for instance minuscule microorganisms or unimaginably distant galaxies. Recently, with the NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, the sun in which we are so attached to has been put under scrutiny, and with that, a whole new way of seeing the sun.

To most of us, the sun appears as the morphing ball of light that allows us to live, grow and survive. It is also fundamental to how we create creatively - so much is visual because of its light, a culture. With new technology, science is seeing the sun in a whole new way. Fascinatingly, these images are quite a beautiful spectacle in its own right. I wouldn't mind having one of these framed to remind us of the sun's seed of light.


  1. still pictures are one thing, imagine the revolving vortex of flame =) that is truly fascinating

  2. That's true - an image of an apple, no matter how realistic, isn't the real thing. But as the apple is just that and contains all of the views, smells, taste and textures, we are left with little to imagine. A picture of a sour apple, can be imagined as a sweet one, opening up more opportunities in some ways.


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