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Here's another creative gem I found on the street. Although it's kind of hidden away... within the public toilet of High Street on the corner carpark building there's these really interesting tiles. I know, tiles in a public toilet? Hardly the thing to blog about, but some of the tiles in the rather filthy toilet (feels like it should be full of used needles and condoms) have bits of textiles cast into the tile. I think it's resin work, but it reminds me of those body parts suspended in preservative at med school. Only its the remains of a piece of clothing - a few buttons on some funky hippy material, or a zipper still joined to where it used to be.

Too bad I didn't take a photo. I'll have to do so next time I'm around, but for those adventurous creatives out there I recommend you check it out. Public amenities aren't what they used to be.

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  1. if u get caught by somebody taking photos inside a public toilet - photographing tiles would not make a convincing excuse though


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