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Nike, being the dynamic sports enterprise that it is, has sparked many initiatives that are effectively pushing out their brand and also the agenda of sport/an active population. Nike Gamechangers, a grant for sport initiatives all over the world, has received a flock of proposals and in due course, some really great projects will hopefully come to fruition. In London, there was a fun programme that has has engaged with a whole range of participants and the urban environment itself. This is GRID.

The idea is London becomes a board game for two weeks. The fancy triangular grid maps itself among the neighbourhoods and communities, where 'runners' can trace their activity to gain points. The video below shows the Boys vs Girl effect of Day 3 into the challenge, and from it, some interesting data can be drawn.

In architecture, urban design and planning, mapping is used extensively to represent a variety of layers in our cities. Never were maps as fun as this, nor did it have the attraction of a personal challenge. This form of mapping, the dynamic diagram, involves the psyche of a niche population, geography, and a funky digital representation to show us a slice of a common physical activity.

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