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Whenever I see scaffolding around the city, whichever city in the world this may be, I get quite excited (see posts Cocoon and Cocoon2). Whether it be for new construction or refurbishment, scaffolding has become the universal indication of architectural and urban renewal. But some pose this phenomenon as a problematic one, deeming the efficiency/economy of scaffolding as a problem worth solving.

Although the article makes it sound like New York is the only place where scaffolding as a chrysalis occurs, sorry Big Apple, your self importance does not eclipse the other urban landscapes in the world. Some designers have set to the task of making scaffolding 'prettier' which seems a bit of a trivial description, and to create more useful space where scaffolding meets the ground. This seems like a great way of progressing something that has become commonplace in the construction industry, and it will be interesting to see where this concept goes.

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