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Oh, did I tell you I saw the Ron Mueck exhibition?? AMAZING. Sculpture like I have never seen before. The detail was meticulous, the attention to detail made me catch my breathe. The exhibition closes in Christchurch tomorrow, but what a ride for New Zealand (or shaken up Christchurch, anyway) it has been.

I think part of the reason why so many people (even the non-arties) were able to connect with it was because it was so tangibly human. Art became indiscriminate. It was an exhibition full of familiarity, yet at the same time, peculiarity. Little children started to soak in the truths of human form. Adults improved on their perception of nuance. Such an exhibition, even the marketing behind it (the wild man's eye stares at you from every pamphlet booth) reminds us of how human we really are.

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