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This is the 100th post! To be honest, this point should have been past ages ago, but alas, life and all it's speedbumps. Nevertheless, it is a time for consideration, and what better than to reassess the state of one's creativity.


Recently I came across a collection of doodles by a handful of authors. Now, I greatly respect writing as a creative vessel - nothing has been such a intricate form of 'civilised' (for lack of a better word) expression. With words, ideas can infiltrate people's minds. With sentences, it can possess the reader with imagination and things beyond imagery.

Sylvia Plath

The curious thing was, these authors doodle in their journals and notebooks, yet no such emphasis is given to this switch in expression. For me, negotiating area which is so charged with potential seems like something to explore and through Creative Collision and all of my other 'stuff', I do hope I can engage with it.

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