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Pixar is an enormous creative being which has exponentially grown to it's current domination in the animation industry. It was interesting to see the environment which all of this creative energy takes place.

Any creative being thrives in their personal studio environment. Sometimes, without even having a formal space for such activity, one can be formed organically to suit whatever practice they may fancy. For Pixar, it is about reuniting the real world with the virtual and really coming to terms with what improbably fantastic circumstances would be like to the 'actor' (voice and animation) so that the millions of viewers in the cinema would be able to partake in that slice of unreal brilliance.

Especially as seen in Toy Story 3, the deeper significance of the series multiplies to surpass the genre of a child's film. Barbie, the queen idol of the blonde stereotype, drops the most sagacious line in the whole movie. The boy goes to college and the ripple effect of growing up causes waves in the toy world. Pixar really have done justice to this charming animation.

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