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It's been a good few weeks since I went down to Christchurch to survey and document the earthquake damage. Now, to the devastation of New Zealanders, a more severe earthquake has hit the Garden City. It's icon, the great Cathedral now exists in ruins. The stability of the citizens, already shaken by the quakes of the past year, have been traumatised by the earth once more.

In the week-long trip that I conducted mid-January, the city was in recovery mode, barely into reconstruction. What a set back this is. Not only this, the tragedy comes with the loss of at least 65 lives with the death toll rising. In the September 4th quake, there were no fatalities. Today, the 22nd February has brought us a scene of primal violence, where our built civilisation crushes the lives and souls of our fellow countrymen.

Architecture for Humanity is helping the only way it can see in this acute stage - raising funds for Christchurch. Please donate. The best way to keep up with the rallying on the earthquake is Twitter - already people are offering temporary homes inside the city and out with the hastag #EQNZaccom.

I will be retweeting interesting and urban related tweets on Twitter at @BobbShen.

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  1. An update, apparently the police death toll which has lingered at 65 for a while is now in the hundreds :(


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