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I love how these models depict the 'post-human' phase of environments. No people are present in the scenes but every imprint of our messy little existences is left behind. Our spaces are our afterthoughts, the wax imposed on our personal histories. Our cities the accumulated cells of civilisation.

If only urban spaces could be created so easily as these miniature sculptures by Alan Wolfson. Only who am I kidding, these tiny replicas of real looking places are an intense operation in its own right. What I mean, of course, is a relative thing. The creation of the urban spaces depicted by these sculptures in real life takes a whole evolution of growth pains and red tape whereas here, the artist has skipped all of that with a healthy dose of imagination, experience and skill. 'Urban design' is most certainly not 'sculpture' process.

If we were given the chance to bring forth the realm of 'sculpture' into real cities? The reverse of the 3D photographic process that has occurred in these works? Someday we might be able to find out.

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