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... Or not. Banksy has been one of the most mysterious of artists in recent times and by mysterious I mean evasive and secretive: no one really knows much about him. In this way, chatter has been generated, from critique to mockery. The picture shows a trivial stab at this quality of Banksy not as an artist, but a person. So it's statement art?

This is where this commentator (read: illegally wall vandalising person) has got it wrong. This graffiti scrawl isn't all that funny, tasteful, or even interesting, which totally goes against the consistency seen in Banksy's work as a street artist (I don't use the word 'philosophy' because we don't even know the guy's name, how can we extrapolate one's philosophy). I personally think street art can be a brilliant thing, art with as much nuance as a masterpiece created with oil paint, a worn-in brush and a well primed canvas. Not everyone deserves the city walls as their infinite canvas. This clearly shows it.

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