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Auckland central is a weird place in that in the middle of towering buildings or bustling streets, there would be a park. Not a tiny 'reserve' found like an obnoxious weed throughout suburbs, but actual nicely matured parks. Albert Park being probably the largest ones, Myers Park bordered by K Road, the dark and damp, countless parks as transitional areas - there's always somewhere to lay on the grass and have a picnic even against the city air trapped with toxic gases.

The other day, I found this one on a vintage lamppost in a park near Auckland University. A really pleasant park really, my park of choice on the way down to Parnell. 'NO SWIMMING' strikes me, as I look onward to yet more urban majesty, reminding me of the sea, summer, the beach behind it. Funny how a small piece of street 'art' such as this can take me away to so far.


  1. Hahaha lol, that sign has been there for ages. There used to be another no swimming sign just next to it on a drinking fountain but both it was removed a coupleof years ago I think.

  2. That's great. I'll have to hunt that sign out. Would be great to have one put up in the bathroom!


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