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He who loves not his country can love nothing.
   - Samuel Johnson

Having had a quick look at my blog statistics (which I've never looked into before), I was surprised to see a lot more info than I expected. Although it felt a bit like Facebook treasuring away bits of your life into it's enormous database, I found it quite useful to see the readership on my blog.

Blogging is yet still a very one sided medium in the way that really there is little two-way interactions, discussions and debate in a way which actually fosters it. The image above shows the distribution of readers' countries for the last month. A good representation from Belgium and Germany. I see some people I actually know reading from Japan and Canada (shout out to Cocomino and tmasoo!), and of course, New Zealand. I guess readers from the USA is just a default net thing?

Thanks for all your support, I never knew this blog reached so far beyond my networks. I'd really like it if you leave a comment below and let me know where you are and why you're interested in Creative Collision.  I really enjoy comments - those who leave them know who they are - and the two way interaction is just the beginning!


  1. It's a shame that Korea is not represented in your blog stats, as I know of at least one casual peruser (me) in Seoul.
    Unless your blog stats are so astute that they know I'm a kiwi, and stick me in the NZ pile - in which case, I am very impressed (and a little terrified)!
    I guess, at the end of the day, whatever the numbers say, they're always more than you think ;)

    1. I know there's some people from Korea who visit, you and some other Twitter folk. In Japan there are some too. I wonder how all of the European countries get to my blog though!


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