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When I first saw this crates project I was hesitant to even click it. Although a rather neat office space was created, would someone actually want to work around and about the wooden pallet feeling? The office comes complete with a crate wall divider (which I'm sure has no acoustic anything) and a set of perilous crate stairs.

Imagine walking around your office and 'desk space' with the thud and creak of the wood at every step. 

It's not that I don't like the reappropriation of used or common materials. If only there was a cleanness to the design or if the unit was transformed so you almost couldn't even tell it was a wooden crate (see the post where chopsticks transcend themselves in a chair design). There's a reason materials are dressed and prepared, like the Pacific notion of 'teu' - creating a pureness in the material before using it.

More about this design for BrandBase Office at Design Milk.


  1. It's very creative. Are you architect?

    1. At the moment I'm an architecture student. My aspiration is to be an architect in the future.

    2. I hope that your dream will come true. :) I'm an architectural engineer.

    3. すごい!We might work together some day :)


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