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I've been away from the blog exactly one month now. Having been busy with a stressful crit period (equivalent of an architecture exam/presentation), I've had little time to put down the X-factor creative things that I see all around me.

I did, however, spare the time to show around Melbourne Architours' Esther Sugihto around a few spots around the University of Auckland. We walked up the hill to the University of Auckland campus, seeing the Clocktower, Old Choral Hall and terminating at the New Brutalist Architecture School from the 70s.

It was interesting talking about the unseen in the city - the historical landscape of the CBD area (most of it being recliamed land and the river Horotiu) and how the Maori perceive the land. In my opinion, as a tour guide and representative of the city, it is always beneficial to show visitors the extra layers of context that they can't gather for themselves.

Have a read of Esther's own review of her trip around the North Island. I am also happy to show any visitors with an interest in architecture around the city, just tweet me.

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