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DMONIC INTENT is an up and coming fashion label, thriving on the enthusiasm and passion of the Woolridge sisters. I paid them a visit at their workspace - a productive conversion of the good ol' garage in Glen Innes.

Max, one of the sisters that make up DMONIC INTENT. After having tried many different creative disciplines, she had a eureka moment when she found her sweet spot in fashion.

Creative workspaces have always been a fascination of mine. My own has always been a bit of a dark cave filled with gigantic sheets of paper, chemicals, modelling materials and a shelf crammed full of books. It reflects my creative practice and this can be said for pretty much any creative person.

In this way, the workspace of DMONIC INTENT is full of an interesting mix of tools and inspiration. A Maori whakairo carving stands in the corner, a sentinel of the space. A little jewellery making desk is full of promise but at the moment is intruded with boxes of textiles. On the cutting table, a huge scroll of brown pattern making card unravels potential. Beyond the garage door, their creative community, including their photographer, sits around a table for a cuppa and a chat.

DMONIC INTENT makes more than just clothes. Their stunning jewellery collections are a force to be reckoned with. There is also a graphic design feel mixed into the conceptual drawings tacked on the walls, probably owing to Max's background in graphic design. I love their fun, easy going attitude to their art and how welcoming they were to invite my friend and I to visit.

DMONIC INTENT are due to be featured in the 2012 NZ Fashion Week in the Miromoda and New Generation Shows. Some of their jewellery will also be featured in other shows so look out for them! Check out their work on the DMONIC INTENT Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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