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Every once in a while, I'll be sharing a bunch of my photos from different locations under the title 'Exposure'. This is the first of this series. I always try to find some way new to use my DSLR, not just take a snap of everywhere and everything, but actually finding things that are more unique in it's instance. Having a rather old model of DSLR helps and hinders this goal - the technology and quality is lacking but the semi-retro lenses and old camera body allow me to abuse it a little. When a tool transcends being 'precious', it is when you can fully utilise it.

Westhaven by night. The mid-winter chill sets into your bones. Obviously a lot of long exposure times going on - I set it, I walk away, have a chat, search for more shots and return (old DSLRs have a long processing time after the exposing time). My camera sucks at bokeh so nothing wonderful came from it and all the Harbour Bridge shots landed in the recycling bin. 

Searching into the distance and zooming up close, barely discernible dark areas turned into an aggressive stabbing of artificial lighting reflected on the water. 

And of course, where ever there is sea water, there is a huge amount of erosion and corrosion to acknowledge.

More photos on my Google+ album Westhaven Photoshoot.


  1. Amazing shots - The first one really caught my attention. Keep up the great work!

    1. Yep me and my good old (really old) DSLR! Thanks


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