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The end of NZ Fashion Week brought some more unique shows and the beginning of the NZ Fashion Weekend, which is the public friendly segment of the event. Tomorrow is the last day of it all!

Phoenix Cosmetics - Truly Outrageous

A true spectacle, this show was less about the clothes/costumes and more about the use of colour. Such a fun and vibrant show with lots of dance, Go Girls's Brownyn Turei being a mother goose, and several themes of really outrageous styling. This was also put on for the public as a part of Fashion Weekend, a bit of light hearted entertainment and fashion.

Miromoda Showcase

I was looking forward to this show as it promised real innovation and the cream of the crop in the Miromoda Competition that happened in Wellington a few months ago. And it delivered.

A friend of mine couldn't stop going on about Monique Lynch's pieces which featured composed panels of material (as yet unidentified), draped effortlessly but constructed with precision. 

It also featured other designers from Miromoda, including DMONIC INTENT who featured in the New Gen Show and the Designer Selection Showcase.

Westpac Red Collection

We had no idea what was happening for this show, so we all buggered off on a long break to come back to the venue metamorphosed into a swanky and decadent formal event. Abruptly underdressed, we all still enjoyed ourselves and shot pics of the live chamber group, live statues (poor buggers), and the suited up crowd.

Needless to say there was a LOT of bubbles being handed out. It's not Fashion Week without a flute of bubbles! The show was alright, a bit unfocussed in my opinion.

Les Mills Show

Although a bit skeptical about this show, I kind of felt it was going to be a goodie since Les Mills often overdelivers in terms of enthusiasm for exercise (read 'sore muscles'). The show was PACKED with energy, with their fittest people in the most fashionable of exercise wear.

Lots of dancing, mixed with samples of their classes, it was really stunning! It even had a yoga/pilates/tai chi segment which was quite elegant.

KMS California Hair Seminar

Interesting little seminar on styling hair with KMS products without the need of a pricey hair stylist. Quite funny, more informative than anything. 

It's really good how Fashion Weekend is formatted in a way that is accessible, entertaining and useful for the public - let's face it, most of the Fashion Week fashionista's have hair styling down pat and don't need a seminar. There was also a Samsung Experience Truck which we took some fun photos in. I was fascinated by the architectural detailing in the truck - a strange reminder that life as an architecture student resumes next week!

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