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China Pavilion people dwarfed nostalgia big Shanghai Expo

The Round Robin Photo Challenges is a blog I bumped into randomly the other day. At a predetermined challenge date, people post up a photo according to a theme and link back to it in the comments, allowing others to appreciate a collection of work that is almost curated around the theme.

This time the theme is "Long Ago, Far Away" and definitely a good excuse to trawl through old photos that would otherwise just rot away (OK, not really) on the hard drive. This photo is from the Shanghai World Exposition of 2010, the China Pavilion which was, of course, the grandest, largest and most boastful. A great moment on its doorstep was seeing how the building literally dwarfed the people lining the bottom of the photo. Perhaps it's not all that long ago that this was taken, but it sure feels like a long time and so far away from life here in NZ.


  1. Wow. The scale of that is just astounding, almost inconceivable! Certainly it was built long ago and far away, so it definitely fits the theme. Welcome to the Robins, and I hope you'll join in again!

  2. Okay, rereading this I guess the China Pavillion is not as old as it looks, but it certainly evokes more ancient structures. And I still can;t get over how huge it is!

    1. It was gigantic - a real symbol of what China has become... quite an interesting contemporary interpretation of older forms.


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