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Luke Jerram glass sculptures microorganisms germs

Today in the office I heard someone say "I wouldn't wish meningococcal on anyone!" (nor would I..) There's a real fear about the deadliest of diseases, the intangible danger and risk of catching one of these nasties belies the true from of these strange organisms.

Artist Luke Jerram takes these microscopic forms and, magnified countless times, creates glass sculptures. Whether or not a feat of biology or evolution, the established shape is mesmerisingly beautiful but at the same moment, terrifying. Terrifying that these shapes, honed to perfection for efficiency of invasion, can enter a blood stream and cause a horrific struggle with one's own body.

Aesthetically, are we drawn to these nature built forms? The prettiest of flowers vs these intricate forms. But once you know what it is - flashbacks from your biology textbook perhaps - these amazing creatures can really freak you out especially as a glass sculpture. Especially the virus one, more by common association more than anything.

I've come to notice there are an increasing number of posts that involve science on Creative Collision so now there is a new Science tag for those who might be interested in the marrying of science and creativity! As a great fan of science, they have some really amazing work out there and just because they aren't usually considered a creative discipline doesn't mean they don't work together.

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