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Hubert Duprat caddis worm sculptures art

More correctly an aquatic caddis fly larvae, artist Hubert Dupprat sets up these insects to build their cocoon with materials of his choosing. The larva, in the absence of gravel, sand and twigs that is their norm, start decorating their silk cocoons with rather more precious materials: gold, semi-precious metals, pearls, gems...

Somehow the insects go about this with a sort of pattern making - some might call it "aesthetic" but for this little larvae who probably just wants to survive the ordeal, it's probably primal instinct. Strange but these sculptures are fascinatingly similar to contemporary jewellery. Minus the legs and little caddis worm head.

Something about it seems natural but the imprint of human intervention is so surely apparent. The poor creatures are also exhibited in little aquariums, showing the temporary results of a more long term experiment. From each lifecycle to another, a new insect may choose a previously made case and expand/rework it.

For more about The Wonderful Caddis Worm: Sculptural Work in Collaboration with Trichoptera see Leonardo Online or read an interview with the artist himself. 

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