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Milestone - Concept Crit

Yesterday was the first public showing of the theses, the concept crit. Chiefly to convey the main idea and the project within that idea, it was a brief encounter with critics that can give a real impression of what the thesis means to other people.

China Chinese Ancestral House Thesis Architecture
Drawing of my great-grandfather's house in section (cut in half)
Thankfully after my rather haphazard presentation (need more clarity in what my points are - hard because I'm still not entirely convinced as to what they are), one of the critics picked up on exactly what I had in mind. Taking the essence of Chinese culture into the existing streetscape at Balmoral, utilising the backstreets and making connections where they might not exist. Something about that communal street architecture is exciting and has relevance to the way Balmoral has developed traditionally.

Balmoral is a different playing field now. The project isn't about erasing the past (including the charming heritage feel of Balmoral), but working into the existing fabric of the street to enliven it - better moments throughout the space. If you look at it now, it's rather linear: strip median, road, kerb footpath, shopfronts for miles.

So let me know if you know of any interesting spaces in Balmoral, around, at the back of, within buildings!

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