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Thesis topic
Beckoning to the Homeland: Drawing upon Chinese Roots in the Auckland Context.

Critical question
What significance has architectural examples that 'beckon to the homeland' have to Chinese (particularly their ancestral roots - the commonality of all Chinese) in Auckland?

Where did this thesis topic come from? Initially it was my curiosity of my family's ancestral roots which drove me to think about these issues. Then I did a two design papers about culture in an architectural standpoint and realised that it is a rich thing to explore. The topic still needs more clarity and as I work more on it and critically think about what I want to focus on, I think it will become a lot more 'doable'.

Have you ever thought about your own roots? Which is the earliest ancestor you know of? Where did you ancestors come from? What rituals/traditions have been retained from their time up until today as you continue practicing them? This thesis raises these issues whilst working on it - the crux of it is, what is the role of this 'culture' here in Auckland, the multicultural mixing pot?

With increasing emphasis put on the multicultural (including within legislation), and various manifestations of different cultures around the city, there is still very little on why it happened and where it could develop as a public space - a communal space. 

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