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City View by Kumi Yamashita

A stunning piece of installation work that I happened across on Twitter (via @bklynartprjct). To be frank, very little installation work moves me, but to think that this piece by Kumi Yamashita stands in Nanba Parks Tower, Osaka, makes me glad such a genre of art exists.

"Installation art describes an artistic genre of site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space." - Misty Belardo
In this elegant way - a play of light and shadow on the plane of the wall and transparent barricade - the 3D transformation almost takes on the qualities of an optical illusion. To me, this piece seems quite playful and I'd like to know what the artist's intention was with this piece. Puzzlement? A message? Or maybe the self expressive action of obsessing over every detail to ensure the piece comes off as a mystery?

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