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A few weeks ago I happened across the AUT fashion school exhibition thing. I've got to say I was pretty wowed by some of the pieces there, or at least I could see how their ideas could have the potential to rock this world (they haven't yet). Over the next while I hope to post a few pieces from this exhibition (I only hand-picked several).

As a fellow creative student, I know it is hard to judge any work without knowing the background ideology and the amount of time allowed for it. Some artists create something in 10 minutes flat, others spend their whole lives mulling over the same masterpiece. With university work, it is the quantity and quality achieved within one semester that is the awful bounding box and this limitation does take its toll on any piece of 'academic' work. All in the name of 'the creative learning process' (aka feed you to the sharks and letting you fend for yourself).

Someone show me something world shattering soon. Please.


  1. This is for you Amanda! More fashiony things to come, and I'll keep an eye on all the great stuff you post up too (I tend to analyse things more) ;)

  2. hahaha thanks! nah i didnt make it becuase im not in auckland. coming back saturday. look forward to seeing what other work you took photos off. i actually quite like the one posted above! i went to one of their exhibitions last year and tbh i didnt really like much of the work hence why i dont really want to go their to study (no offence to any aut people that read this haha)


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