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In one week's time, I'll be flying out to China! I go there once every few years and it's weird to see how your own perception of the place changes as you travel back there. The first time I went back at the raw age of three, all I remember is an enormous cockroach of the usual overkill Chinese variety (traumatic). The second time, everything was new and fresh, including the disgusting air which reminded me of a back alley vent next to a rubbish bin in Auckland... except everywhere. Oh, and I stuffed myself full of shellfish. It was on my last trip back that I realised the lack of art in the streets and the hidden tendencies of the galleries.

In actual fact, it was really just because the city was so big, I happened to completely miss the whole street dedicated to artistic feats. Of course, traditional art strikes hard as you travel around. A matter of preference being the main drive of this phenomenon, what we might consider 'contemporary art' ins't very mainstream. In fact, the only place I saw a very decent sort of abstract art gallery was underground on this old historic moated island. I'm sure it's not as metaphorical as it seems, but in terms of artistic appreciation, I think the Chinese most value their traditional art which, in its own right, is an expression of the highest purity and richness.

The unfortunate thing about China (one of them anyhow) is the 'Great Firewall'. If I didn't have ways, I probably wouldn't even be able to use Blogger and Twitter (if you haven't, follow me @BobbShen, yes I am shamelessly self promoting but you won't regret it). I will try my hardest to overcome the wall and bring you the delights of the Shanghai Expo and so forth. And thus, my creative hunting for Creative Collision will soon arrive to China. Can not wait.

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