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Strangers Amongst Strangers

The advent of decent mobile phone photography came at no better time. Accelerated by the mass interaction of easily accessible internet, this medium of capturing images became convenient and almost documentary-like in the way that it documents our lives.

Age of Loneliness

And so, it becomes much like a creative medium. Whereas an artist might capture subject matter through a good old Polaroid, along with the stylistic characteristics offered by such a tool, the mobile has come to be the convenient camera of choice.

Light of My World

Eileen Harris, in her blog Impressions of iPhoneography, uses the iPhone, one of the most widespread mobile photographic devices, and makes it her own. Alike to mottled oil paintings, the ambiguity and blurriness lends a quality that is little found in traditional photography. It is almost as if the randomness of the digital device makes the figure photographs one of a kind. Her photos also create a visual commentary of the urban environment and the relationship people have with it.

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