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So, sort of in sequel to the post about not quite taking a photo about some really creative wall tiles in a public toilet, here's a brief update: I still haven't returned to that wall to take a picture for the blog...

The upside is, I've found another toilet with interesting creative detail. And this time I insisted on taking a picture (much to the amusement of the bartenders). Two of my three friends had the courage to take some with me (you know who you are, coward).

On Vulcan Lane, one of the oldest streets in Auckland, used to live an old bar called Vulcan Bar (or something) upstairs in one of their cask-aged old buildings. When it shut down, Cassette, which prides itself as hip and youthfully interior designed sort of place, popped up in its place. Vibrantly textural, its quite a nice place if you like the endless door charges and house 'gigs'. But yes, their toilet door caught my attention last night.

A collation of photo negatives - an ethereal mosaic of moments - on display, colourful, but masked in shadows. The card that frames the slides are scrawled with an assortment of personal notes and labelling systems. The only unfortunate thing really is that it's a toilet door... your appreciation of them is cut short every time, mimicking the minuscule shards of time that is encased in every one of those thin films. That is, if you don't spend five minutes taking mobile pics of them.

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