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Fashion made from a scientifically derived process isn't something completely fresh off the mark, but fermenting your own fabric is an interesting concept and multi-layered in many ways. The notion suggested in the interview is that the designer, Suzanne Lee, is trying to convey science through fashion. And that is fashion in the sense that it becomes 'fashionable'.

Dreamy detailing can be achieved with that strange alienesque material, which is really quite brilliant considering it was previously alike to a piece of gelatin. Furthermore, the great attention to the process in this creative project strives towards the detail of the overall scheme; hydrophobia, and thickness and qualities of the material and how they translate into the final result of 'clothing'. Rigorous development such as this should bring forth a great deal of surprises. Possibly, all thanks to science.

Visit for more about Biocouture, the project, or read more at the New Scientist article. Yes, I am geeky and I love New Scientist. In a creative way.

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