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Admittedly, I don't post much from the realm of theatre, mostly because I don't patronise the theatres so much after a few key disastrous 'performances'. But conceptually, I found something magnificent and it is something that really excites me - so much that I would even want to New York or where ever to experience it.

Accomplice is, by the definition of the makers, "part game, part theatre, part tour". Yes, I use British spelling.

So, from what I gather, you travel in this multifaceted tour/performance experience, and actually get to make use of the labyrinthine nature of foreign ground. Adventurous you might think! But no, it's all staged - actors placed at certain places involved you and guide you within this tour. Which is cool nonetheless. Tours are one of the most banal forms of travel I have ever had to struggle with. They make fresh views into well-worn speeches, scenery into a product. Accomplice is still this, but with a twist and the factor of guided involvement which, needless to say, is really what a travel spot needs sometimes.

And is this a moment of theatre's evolution. Street theatre but not quite. What you get to do in video games but in real life? Life is often said to be a performance, and cities are now the stage.

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