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Having read the fairly philosophical opinion piece, Reclaiming the Imagination by Timothy Williamson, the limitations to the power of imagination is cast into a critical light. Needless to say, imagination is one of the greatest sources of creativity and furthermore, it's delicate relationship with reality is something can be seen as something as something very Inception-like. What Williamson remarks on is how knowledge acts like the walls that contain our ability to imagine, and that without that boxing, it flows out of the realm of reality.

Is that why we need to soak up knowledge? Is our very limited knowledge (indeed, even with the internet merely a click away) the bounds of our creativity? Interestingly, the imagination is both a generator of stuff and a survival mechanism. Imagination fuels foresight and the response to different situations - whether or not that is a part of the creative process is something for you to probe personally.

To come on Creative Collision: photos of famous creatives, the likes of Warhol, Dali and Picasso. With a sprinkle of Marilyn Monroe.

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