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A Flight to Blackout was one of the first bands I got into who played in the instrumental rock genre. This is from their MySpace page:
It is true, the world is full of underground posers, sharpening their sticks for the coming revolution against an opposition that doesn't exist, artistes who haven't done a lick of real artistic work , who use their supposed underground artistic cred to get them in bed with whomever they can scam, would-be rock stars that think they are evolving music by turning it into a vapid fashion show, and supposed followers of old school DIY punks who haven't yet realized that their ideological stance, though noble in its way, simply limits them. But there are also daring innovators and experimenters, willing to risk all to contribute their perspective to the ongoing narrative that is our collective heritage. So how can I say "there is no counterculture?" I can say it, and mean it, because these people would ask you what you're smoking, if you asked what it's like, being a part of "The Counterculture." There is no Grand Unified Scene. These innovators I'm speaking of are the people who push their own boundaries, and the boundaries of the culture around them enough that they are simply classified as "counterculture" or "revolutionary" because the culture, and the media, doesn't really know what to make of them. (My hope is, you could very well be one yourself.)

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  1. It just happens that this was actually ripped off from an extremely long article by James Curcio which you can find the full version of here. Interesting take on the creative non-mainstream


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