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'Sound sculptures' seems like a bit a dramatic tag for this project, but it is kind of great. It reminds me of some twisted experiment with 3D modelling and, at first, I was about to cast it aside. But, it's not digital! Yay!

So through this analogue but rather high tech process, little droplets of cyan, yellow, magenta were placed on top of a membrane on top of a small speaker. Then, filmed with a fancy rig in macro, these little droplets of paint get to bounce! The difference between this project and the numerous digital projects playing with these parameters is the level of analysis in the process. There is no 'data'. It is of the real world, with physics that we understand in our environment and the sounds that we can hear with our own ears. Over-analysis tends to stifle creative potential, or at least the natural, compatible feeling of it.

Not to endorse Canon (and the snob complex that appears to consume its fans) but check out the process and resulting ad of this creative playfulness. Painting with sound, made possible with cutting edge film technology.

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