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Upstairs along the super cultural K Road, lives a teashop that houses a gallery and a radio station amongst other things. The tea blend of culture can be felt within it's walls and, as exhibitions come and go, the environment morphs to meet it. The other night, the room was packed with people. It was a night of storytelling, where writer's performed their own pieces before an eager audience. Crafted sentences were soaked up with relish.

It was my first time going to a reading such as this. Somehow it didn't seem like a reading, but a live monologue. It was part poetry, part ranting, in an addictive combo. Suddenly, the performer talked of her secret desires to unleash her emo side and swiped a bit of her cherry red lipstick from mouth to cheek. A story unravelled and left us speechless.

The Fairy Tale Monologues was a showcase for 9 budding writers held at Te Karanga Gallery, 208 Karangahape Road, Auckland, 10-12th of November.

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