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Edinburgh is such a spectacular city. The place is full of drama - tall pointed towers, sheer cliffs, sandstone blackened with age. Walking around the hilly city centre, I was reminded of Auckland save for the sublime extravagance. A huge valley carves its way through the city, bridges crossing from side to side, and several prominent hills are laden with monuments. As well as the dramatic built environment, Edinburgh has a dark history full of haunting stories that really compliments the city.

Yesterday I also visited Cambridge. There I went punting and saw the various parts of the university town. Everywhere you went, there would be some department or the other of Cambridge University, the town and academia synonymous. The town is flat, full of art nouveau frivolity and, in all honesty, is very towny in a way that lacks any of the drama that cities like Edinburgh offers and London doesn't possess. After a day I had had enough, but definitely worth a visit, or if you are fortunate enough to study there do so. The place is steeped full of tradition.

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