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The Tate Modern in London is a total orgy of art for art fanatics like me. After spending pretty much the whole day there and going on all the enlightening art talks, I'm buzzing with inspiration. Pictured above is Do Ho Suh's Stairs 3, an amazing installation made out of light polyester - every lightswitch, stair molding and even the stair lightbulb is perfectly replicated in the fabric.

The thing about the art in the Tate Modern is that quite a lot of the artists I have studied before and even some works, like the Warhol screenprint, I've actually seen before in print. But seeing all of this art in person, up close so you can see every dot and squiggle is amazing and just so powerful at true scale. And with the guidance of the art guide, the Warhol print, the poignant narratives unfold and my interest in art history continues to grow.

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