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Found in my draft posts, this was one of many posts about my China travels that I was wanting to post. However the email posting didn't quite work as planned and ended up as a draft! A bit belated, and there will be more China pics to come later on.

As some of you might know, at the moment I'm travelling China in search of my family's roots. Today I visited various sights around Zengcheng in Guangdong, China. The best sight was the famous waterfall called Baishuizhai, climbing all the way to roughly the top, it was a easy hike with some stunning, if a bit fabricated, moments. Most strikingly, we were told that the waterfall only runs so strongly during periods of no rain because of two reservoirs of water at the top, released when naturally its flow wouldn't be so dramatic.

Another beautiful sight was an old dam called Dafengmen, with picturesque mountains and a milky green body of water. The structure itself was stunning with really crafted details. The mass of it all really worked with nature - it reminded me of the formalistic Spanish contemporary architecture (think Raphael Moneo).

Eventually I'll get around to editing and picking out some good photos, possibly when I'm back in NZ. Unfortunately I can't even access Blogger here on the other side of the Great Firewall and will have to make by via email posting. I don't even know if it works, so... somebody let me know!

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