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My journey on the bus every morning and evening for the last few years travels along Symonds Street towards the city and I've always been looking out for how the streetscape changes around me. There are always details I've missed, new discoveries and general observations about how our urban environment evolves.

One thing I didn't notice recently is the wiping out of some really skilful street art near the end of the Symonds Street shops. A mere alley leading up to a (disgusting, blighted) Wilson carpark, I used to enjoy how this wall changed as each spray painted layer recomposed the colourful artwork.

Now it is painted grey and in retaliation, a street artist has created a smaller work over the blankly painted wall. "Grey is better than art... said nobody ever!" sits just below the red 24-hour surveillance sign with NO GRAFFITI. It's hard to make a call on such an issue, a controversially fine line between art and vandalism, graffiti and tagging, inspiring surfaces and boring surfaces, safe and unsafe spaces. I for one will miss the art there.

What do you think about this blank state change against a piece of street art? What do you remember about this piece?

Thanks to Wocolate for bringing this to my attention on Twitter and taking the photo.

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