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Formento and Formento dramatic fashion photography

Fashion photography is an intense portrayal of finely detailed creative products. With so much happening behind the scenes - stylists, hair, make up, the model - it can often seem overworked or devoid of any meaningful content (usually with an overdose of narcissism or airy commercialism).

Which is what I found amazing about the stylised photography of Formento & Formento. Cinematic images try to tell a story and feel almost surreal, as if something from a Dali painting might wistfully appear. I like how F&F don't mind having underexposed areas - too often is an image ruined by even exposure which can be informatively boring. It is with these sets, combined with the clothes and styling, that the photos tell a story, often not from our present.

The photos are another sort of 'devoid', settings that could equally be bustling with people are stripped down to the one expressionate model. These buildings, the decor, the emptiness sits there, mingling with the subject.

Lumas London will be featuring a show of Formento & Formento: on the Road Again from February 20 to March 10 so if you're around London, go check it out. Breathtaking drama in photography and fashion combined can make you really think beyond the simple frame that is presented.

Thanks Lucire's article for the heads up. They also have a brilliant F+F Tumblr account. Also see a previous post on drama in photography in Philip-Lorca diCorcia's work.

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