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What is pollution? A powerful word with an equally devastating consequence, it lingers on the mind of many. But pollution can also enter our very beings - a timely reminder being this piece by Nolan Gapske titled "Pollution of the Mind".

Nolan Gapske Pollution of the Mind photo

My first thoughts were somewhere along the lines of Damien Hirst - the skulls and swirls and so forth. But this photo captures a much more temporal nature that embodies its subject. Hirst's skulls are objects: hardened resin, colour, studs, diamonds (or was it crystals? something insanely extravagant). They rely on that solidarity as a part of the statement.

It is fitting that photography is the medium for this, fleeting moments of this intrusion and beauty. Reminds me of the high speed photographs of sound sculptures but much more lethargic in nature.

Pollution is something we want to reject, but too easily does it mingle and become inseparable. Talking about the pollution of the mind, can we really reject the unwanted which is so interwoven with our very fabric?

You can check out more of Nolan's work on his Flickr page or his menswear blog Azzimoto.

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