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Ralph Hotere The Flight of the Godwit Kuaka

With great sadness I report the passing of Ralph Hotere, one of my favourite artists and an outstanding example of an artist-activitst. Described as the 'warrior artist' he uses his art as an arsenal to fight issues of injustice, destruction of the environment and of deep spirituality.

The courage displayed in his work pervades the ongoing timeline of NZ history - points such as Aramoana,  and activism for being nuclear-free - to artworks of enormous presence such as Godwit/Kuaka, inspired by a Maori chant and the godwits' migration it was originally a piece welcoming people to Aotearoa at the Auckland International Airport's arrivals area. Now the 18 metre long Godwit/Kuaka is displayed at the Auckland Art Gallery for all to see.

Ralph Hotere dies

Rest in peace Ralph Hotere, you've given us so much. And I hope very much we will see your courage and conviction in all generations to come, not only in art, but with all that we do.

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