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Last time I featured micro-housing, I mentioned architect Gary Chang's trendy and transforming little apartment. Today I saw a picture on Twitter (thanks @MrGeorgeClarke) which really shows the other side of 'compact living' and it's not pretty. Unfortunately, that is the norm for many people in Hong Kong and other over-densified places, including slums and badly planned apartment blocks.

The photos seems to be taken by the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO), who stands up for human rights in HK. One space, barely large enough for someone to swing their arms in encloses bunk beds, a makeshift kichenette, bathroom/dressing/household shrine and a dining area. An incredible use of space with improvisation like I've never seen. 
@MrGeorgeClarke People aren't just living in cramped spaces like this in Hong Kong...tragically it's happening everywhere!

Hopefully these days more regulation allows for better baseline design for accommodation. The remaining stock of these terrible living spaces serve as a reminder than for many, a space to call home is greatly different from our expected standards.

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