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Auckland is going through an important phase of its planning development over the next few months with the consultation period for the Unitary Plan opening up to the public. Mayor Len Brown's Twitter account reports that the submission period has gotten off to a great start which is unsurprising with the long lead up and building tension in opinions.

If you're an Aucklander, particularly if you are a building practitioner or one with a vested interest and expertise in the Unitary Plan issues, make sure you make a submission as it is the first step to reforming a plan for wider Auckland (under the new 'Supercity' where several councils are now a single council).

Keep moving Auckland Transport survey
Click the image to visit the site ~
A cool little site that is going in parallel to all this is the Alternative Transport Funding project that advises Auckland Council on long term transport issues. Aptly named Keep Auckland Moving, the site is partly a moving infographic with a neat first person birds-eye view of a car going down a road. The 'drive' takes you on many common Auckland driving scenarios, culminating in a forsaken traffic jam where you are invited to take part in a survey.

Along the way, bits of the drivers' thoughts (which many of us will be able to relate to) and some information bites pop up too. It's a much more interactive form of connecting with the survey audience - definitely better than reams of policy text. Have fun and make a submission - transport is one of the largest issues in this city.

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