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A visual summary of my Melbourne trip.

Amazing street art all over the place but this is one of my favourite. Saw a few of the same artist around too - anyone know who did this? (in Stevenson Lane near Chinatown)
Federation Square
Just a mall but had so much architectural effect to the whole thing.
RMIT building by Lyons Architects

The grand hall inside the National Gallery of Victoria - stunning piece of stained glass with Victorian motifs.
Cranes were a common sight, guess Melbourne is developing around its architectural heritage.
National Library of Victoria with two exhibition spaces on the circular spaces wrapping around this central area.
RMIT Design Hub, explored the inside of it quite thoroughly.
One of the many laneways that epitomises Melbourne.

The 'Pixel Building'
An old laneway converted into the lobby of a hotel. Notice the attempt at acknowledging the heritage architecture on the right by an imperfect mirroring.
COCA - contemporary art, unfortunately closed when I went there!
An art installation in the main lobby of NGV, the bowls circulated the water pool and every time they bumped a clear ring of ceramic can be heard.

There are also more photos on my Google+ album.


  1. What a nice collection of the photos. I'm interested in all of them as an architecture engineer. :D

    1. Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed it. There are some more photos from this collection up on my Google+ account


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