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A write up about a fascinating workshop between writers and architecture students - Laboratory of Literary Architecture - lays bare the idea of space and what implications it might have when translated from writing to architectural model making. It is not a shift in medium that is utilised but the collaboration between literary folk and architectural thinkers/makers have turned up with some brilliant results.

An example:
With this narrow path I’m conveying the progression and mind of the protagonist David Lurie in “Disgrace,” a novel by J.M. Coetzee. A South African college professor who is fired after he refuses to apologize for raping a student, Mr. Lurie endures a series of traumatic events (represented by the knifelike cuts) that produce temporary changes in his perception, but he continues to believe that women have a natural responsibility to excite and bear male passion. His path zigzags, but change is illusory because ultimately he is headed in the same direction. At the end of “Disgrace,” Mr. Lurie’s new ability to relate to women as fully human is represented by a drop-off into water.
Joanne Yao, SOA Nonfiction
Partnered with Chelsea Hyduk, M. Arch ’15

See the Laboratory of Literary Architecture Facebook page for more models generated by novels.

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