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This is some exploration I have been doing toward making my final installation. They are trials, but also using film as a means of drawing upon ideas. With my subject matter, that is most appropriate; photos and sketches can't bring in all of the feelings and cinematographic devices that can occur in a well edited film.

The precedent for this project was the music video for Twice by Little Dragon. I hope to post up some more of this work when it gets really interesting.

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  1. A friend left some creative criticism about the second film on Facebook, what do you think about the films?

    "oooo i like this one even more! not as controversial no, i see some definite teashirtage and pantage going on! the birds seemed aggressive and a little creepy the first time i watched it but the second time they made me laugh and i thought they were really cute which was strange! Though have you seen the 1960's Alfred Hitchcocks' The Birds? basically a film about creepy scheeming crows which may explain it-actually may be a good one for you to watch, not a puppet show but great music and same feelings of suspence etc.... the opening clip's really amazing-really interesting when you start moving the light around like that. enjoyed too when you come into the frame and the audience sees how the screens are working. i like well done!x"


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