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Whilst in China, I went shopping along one of Guangzhou's most popular pedestrian shopping districts, Beijing Road. This road contains a load of history, most of which has been covered up by the sales, the landscaping, shops and infinite number of people. But I noticed something that reminded me of a post I did a while back about a preserved monk's cell.

At several spots along this rather long street, there are these 'windows' into the road's past condition. It shows the distinctive tiles and various bits and pieces like parts of foundations and people's doorstep. The fantastic thing about this is modern life rushes past all of this, comparing that which has time dramatically slowed down with the constant stream of present day society, which continually speeds up.


  1. This is great insight, I love hearing tales about the history of a place. I'm nowhere near having a chance to visit china but it makes me intrigued to one day see it :)

  2. Hey Chavah! Undoubtedly, there is a lot of history all around China but all in different states - some sold, some preserved, others recreated or regenerated. It's great when you find something interesting like this.

  3. Hi Bobby, you have an interesting blog! This post is great, I´ve only seen this type of glass exhibition in the sidewalks of Rodeo Drive, Beverly HIlls, of course, a different intention, they were showing fashion objects.
    Best regards,


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