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Leap over your deepest fears.
Walk through the fire.
Be selfish once in a while.
Break the mould you emerged from.
Change you; Love you; Get lost in you.
Who am I to tell you what to do? Society!!!
Just dare to be you.

A young actress, listed as the third richest Brit star, at the young age of 20, has truly shown an enormous transformation to the world. This is Emma Watson.

The news of her new cropped hair look and her abandonment of the cutesy HP1 self has already been around the rave several times. So with it all being past the scandal, what has she become?

Known mainly as an actress, but increasingly taking up photoshoots, the interesting thing about this creative being is that we know her work well ever since she was a mere girl. In a way, the world audience has tracked her, not only through the seven gruellingly spaced out movies of Happy Potter, but, for instance, her image walking alongside you in the Burburry ad when passing through the Guangzhou Airport and so forth. In fact, Emma Watson is pretty much my age, so developmentally, it was a fun comparison. What is she doing, and what am I doing in our various creative elements? Worlds apart, I assure you.

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